Furniture Indonesia Combined shipments

we offer and ship collections from different suppliers of Indonesia furniture and handicrafts.

Furniture Traders Jepara.

Furniture Stock Sales and Furniture to order Wooden furniture and handicrafts from Jepara, Indonesia, which were unknown products till about 25 years ago the first exports were made by the developers of the products, has established a worldwide reputation over these years. In the early days the furniture was ordered by distributors, wholeslaers and importers which made the product for the endbuyer pretty expensive. Thanks to increased electronic fast communication, nowadyas, the "middel man" isn't needed anymore, shopowners and private shoppers can order and buy straight from factories in Jepara, Indonesia. But ordering still stayed a problem for many smaller enterprisers overseas, while the minimum order at a certain factory is at least a container, with merchadise from 1 manufacturer only.
And that is the point, where smaller shops run in problems, they maybe able to handle one container, but they need diversity of goods, not a full container from 1 manufacturer only. For those buyers, who are in the need of a container order with products from different sources, we created the ultimate solution: Buy from as many manufacturers as you want, and we ship the mixture of the ordered goods in 1 contauiner, straight to the destination, without extra costs. Never before you got the opportunity to buy from an unlimited amount of sources and get a cpmbimened shipment straight delivered to your location. The days, that you had to order a container full of simular products from 1 factory, are over, we deliver your order of mixed goods from multiple suppliers direct to the destination. With only one container, your shop is filled with a wide selection of products, which makes shopping at yours much more attractive for the endbuyer. With a mixed order, the sales of your shop will increase, you save money on unneccessary inventory and your turnover will be faster, in the end you will make more profit Order at us, a new way of handling furniture orders and exports, we bring you the high profit, you were always dreaming about.

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